Infection Prevention and Control

We are fully committed to the prevention of Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI’s) and to ensuring compliance with the Health Act (2008) code of practice for the prevention and control of healthcare associated infection across all commissioned and provided services.

Infection control is an integral part of all health care provision, in any health care setting. This page provides resources for health care professionals working in the primary care setting.  You will find access to infection control policies and guidance for use in the primary care setting, patient information leaflets, links to antimicrobial guidance and access to presentation slides for infection control link practitioners. 

Policies and Guidance Documents

OCCG Infection Control has provided these guidelines and policies for use in Primary Care.  They are not mandatory however represent accepted best practice in the field of infection control and allow practices to comply with Health and Social Care Act (2008) (Code for Infection control;) herein referred to as 'The Code') which is a requirement of the CQC.  The documents have been separated into policy - ie.le things which must be done to comply with 'Th code' and guidelines which allows practices to work towards the best possible infection control procedures they can, in the facilities available to them.  It is advised that consideration is given to these guidelines when new buildings and refurbishments are being carried out.

The OCCG policies and guidelines are based on guidance and evidence issued by NHS England, the Department of Health, NICE, Public Health England which are approved by the Care Quality Commission and used as a basis for the key lines of enquiry inspection criteria.

Audit Tools

Please see Appendix 2 on page 65-82 here: Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines for General Practices

Useful Resources

Antimicrobial Guidelines

Hand Hygiene