Infection Prevention and Control

These guidelines provide information that will support general practices to put in place the infection prevention and control measures that are required to protect service users and care workers from infection and enable general practitioners to meet the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (updated 28th July 2015) and NICE guidance. It is not mandatory for practices to adopt this guidance if practices have their own policies and procedures for safe and effective infection control in Primary care.

Infection control is an integral part of all health care provision, in any health care setting. In order to meet the required standards, a suite of IP&C policies and guidance is recommended to be adopted, comprised of the NHS recognised Harrogate & District Infection Control policies, guidance, workbooks and audit tools for GP practices. In addition to these there are 10 local guidelines to support. Practices who wish to adopt the guidance may add their endorsement by signing the resources at the end of the documents.

Policies and Guidance Documents

Infection Prevention and Control Policies can be found by clicking on 'View all' on Policies and Guidance (ensure GP is used rather than CH for Care Homes) at: 

Audit tools and patient information leaflets can be found at:

Complimentary Local Guidance:

To further support GP Practice Staff, IP&C monthly bulletins are available that contain information on good infection prevention and control (IPC) practice and research from some of the latest CQC Inspection Reports.

Other resources such as CQC preparation packs and IP&C training workbooks are available.

For IP&C advice and support, email the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group Infection Prevention and Control Lead on