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NHS Practitioner Health Programme

A resource for GP and GP Trainees in England, NHS Practitioner Health Programme can help you with issues relating to mental health concerns, including stress or depression and in particular where these might affect work.

GP Retention Scheme

The GP Retention Scheme is a package of financial and educational support to help doctors, who might otherwise leave the profession, remain in clinical general practice.  The scheme is aimed at doctors who are seriously considering leaving or have left general practice due to personal reasons (caring responsibilities or personal illness), approaching retirement or requiring greater flexibility. The scheme supports both the retained GP and the practice employing them by offering financial support in recognition of the fact that this role is different to a 'regular' part-time, salaried GP post, offering greater flexibility and educational support.

Oxfordshire Training Network

OxFed has been supported by Health Education Thames Valley to develop a Community Education Provider Network (CEPN).  The Oxfordshire Training Network will respond to local staff training needs and develop and deliver high quality training.