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Clinical support area
  • Acne vulgaris

    1 hour


    The purpose of this activity is to review the epidemiology, causes, presenting features and treatment of acne vulgaris

  • Acne: managing patients in primary care

    1 hour


    Learn how to identify different types of acne, choose best treatment, and know when to refer to a specialist.

  • Actinomycosis

    1 hour

    Haematology, Pathology and InfectionHaematology, Pathology and Infection

    The purpose of this activity is to review the presenting features, diagnosis, and management of actinomycosis.

  • Acute asthma in adults: assessment and management

    1 hour

    Respiratory and SmokingRespiratory and Smoking

    Learn how to assess and treat patients with acute asthma, including the role of peak flow monitoring.

  • Acute back pain

    1 hour

    MSK and RheumatologyMSK and Rheumatology

    A case-based learning module on how to assess and manage patients with acute back pain in primary care, including identifying red flags and when to refer patients.

  • Acute carbon monoxide poisoning: diagnosis and management

    1 hour


    Be aware of the sources of carbon monoxide poisoning , the signs and symptoms and how to manage patients.

  • Acute coronary syndromes

    1 hour

    Cardiovascular and LipidsCardiovascular and Lipids

    The purpose of this activity is to review the epidemiology, definition, causes, and management of acute coronary syndrome, and secondary prevention strategies in acute coronary syndrome.

  • Acute diarrhoea: a guide to assessment and management

    1 hour


    Learn how to evaluate patients with acute diarrhoea, recognise the possible causes and be aware of the management options.

  • Acute nasal injury

    30 minutes


    This is a series of multiple choice questions to accompany the article Acute nasal injury" from The BMJ."

  • Acute pain in elderly patients and patients on long term opiates

    1 hour

    Cancer and Palliative CareCancer and Palliative Care

    Management of acute pain in adults: a guide for foundation doctors

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