Website Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to feedback any issues you have discovered during our beta testing phase.

We're keen to hear about both the clinical content and how it is delivered. Please send all your emails to with the subject line "ClinOx".

Feel free to use the following points to structure your feedback.


Website management - Is everything working how it should? Are there broken links or other issues with functionality?

Availability - How is the website working on different devices or does it behave strangely at certain times or in certain places?

Content - Does the clinical guideline make sense? Is anything phrased strangely? Are there areas that are missing? What do you disagree with? What's helpful?

Layout - Are there sections of the website which are too complicated? Can you find what you need to?

Support - Let us know if you are having any problems and we can help you to solve them.


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