Area Prescribing Committee Oxfordshire

The Area Prescribing Committee Oxfordshire (APCO) is a committee consisting of GPs, representatives from the OCCG Medicines Optimisation team and representatives from healthcare providers across Oxfordshire, particularly Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUHFT), Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (OHFT), Local Medical Committee and Local Pharmaceutical Committee.

APCO considers new drugs, prescribing guidelines, shared care protocols and provides recommendations on prescribing and medicines optimisation across the Oxfordshire Health Economy. The group considers any new NICE guidance which includes drugs. Following ratification by the Clinical Ratification Group (CRG), the key decisions from each APCO meeting are circulated as Bullet Points. APCO classifies drugs according to the local ‘Traffic Light’ system.

The Traffic Light Prescribing Classification in Oxfordshire provides information on restrictions on prescribing certain drugs across the whole health economy and all providers are contractually obliged to adhere to them.

If you wish to make an application for a new medicine, guideline or shared care protocol to be considered by APCO please contact or Applications must be received at least 4 weeks prior to scheduled meetings to enable full support by the Medicines Optimisation team around review of evidence, clinical effectiveness and resource impact.


Oxfordshire Prescribing Formulary

Oxfordshire now has a new online Medicines Formulary. This replaces the ‘Oxfordshire Traffic Light Classification for Prescribing Responsibility’ document.

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