Pharmacy Services

Currently, Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) commission three community pharmacy services in Oxfordshire; the Minor Ailments Scheme (MAS), Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Service and the Guaranteed Provision of Palliative Care Drugs Scheme. If you have any questions on these services, please contact

Guaranteed Provision of Palliative Care Drugs Scheme

Community Palliative Care teams often experience difficulties in obtaining emergency drugs e.g. for use in syringe drivers.  This can be due to local pharmacies either not holding the required drugs or not stocking sufficient quantities to complete the prescription.  For a number of years, OCCG has arranged with some Pharmacy Contractors to guarantee stocking an agreed selection of routine palliative care drugs in order to overcome such difficulties.

Please see the document below which includes a list of participating pharmacies and the list of palliative care drugs that these pharmacies are guaranteed to stock. It is recommended to call the pharmacy ahead to check if there is any issue.  Please note that carers and healthcare professionals are not restricted to obtaining palliative care drugs only from the pharmacies taking part in this scheme. Prescriptions for palliative care drugs can be fulfilled by any other community pharmacy. 

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Service

The UTI service allows pharmacists working in community pharmacies in Oxfordshire to treat women suffering from an uncomplicated UTI with nitrofurantoin (an antibiotic), via a Patient Group Direction (PGD). The list of pharmacies providing this service, along with more details from the PGD, can be found in the UTI Service Summary document below. The service is on offer to all community pharmacies in Oxfordshire, if you are interested in providing the service please contact

Minor Ailments Scheme (MAS)

This service encourages people to use pharmacy as the first point of access for the treatment of self-limiting conditions. Patients who are exempt from prescription charges and are registered at one of the named GP practices will be able to receive free supplies of specified Over the Counter (OTC) medications for minor ailments after having a consultation with a member of the pharmacy team. The aims of the service are;

  • To improve access and choice for people with minor ailments who are seeking advice and treatment
  • To reduce health inequalities for low income families by creating equal access to medicines for self-care of minor ailments.
  • To improve GP capacity by reducing the workload of those providers related to minor ailments.

This service is available in selected practices and pharmacies in the Oxford City and Banbury areas. Information on the practices and pharmacies involved can be found on the relevant posters and patient information leaflets.