Useful websites

Clinical support by body system
  • Alcohol - Drink line

    Mental Health, Learning Disability & AutismCardiovascular and Lipids
  • Alcohol- Al Anon Family Groups

    Mental Health, Learning Disability & Autism
  • Alcoholic Anonymous- AA

    Mental Health, Learning Disability & Autism
  • Carers Oxfordshire

    Cancer and Palliative CareCardiovascular and LipidsDermatologyEndocrine and DiabetesENTGastroenterologyGerontologyHaematology, Pathology and InfectionMental Health, Learning Disability & AutismMSK and RheumatologyNeurologyOphthalmologyRenal, Urology and Men's HealthRespiratory and SmokingWomen's and Sexual Health

    Carers Oxfordshire is a free service which offers information, advice and support to someone aged 18 and over, who is looking after someone aged 18 and over, living in Oxfordshire, who could not manage without this help.

  • DVLA

    Cardiovascular and LipidsCancer and Palliative CareEndocrine and DiabetesMental Health, Learning Disability & AutismRenal, Urology and Men's HealthOphthalmology
  • Mental health - Self Help Leaflets- Mood Juice

    Mental Health, Learning Disability & Autism
  • Step Change Debt Charity

    Cancer and Palliative CareMental Health, Learning Disability & Autism

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