Local guidelines and pathways

Clinical support by body system
Conditions and indicators
  • Assisted Conception Providers

    Women's and Sexual Health

    This file describes the locally available services for patients in the OCCG for Assisted Conception (such as In-Vitro Fertilisation IVF, Intra-Uterine Insemination IUI etc)

  • Benign Cervical Lesions

    Women's and Sexual Health
  • Blood Bottle Tubes Update

    Haematology, Pathology and Infection

    Update regarding blood bottle tubes

  • Bronchiolitis CCG Guidance

    PaediatricsRespiratory and Smoking
  • CALM Care Home Clinical Tips for Professionals


    The guidance below has been developed to support professionals who work in people’s homes, care homes and other homely environments. It is intended to inform and complement the Standard Operating Procedures put in place by service providers across the county. It is based on the national Public Health England, NHS and Environment Agency guidance for COVID-19 available on the date of publication given above.

    Printable instructions for patients on how to use a Pulse Oximeter and a Pulse Oximeter diary sheet are also included in the documents below so that patients can to record measurements and support professionals to monitor their heart rate and blood oxidation levels.

  • Care Homes MDT Digital Proactive Care Plan (Generic)

    Cancer and Palliative CareGerontology

    Generic dPCP document which can be used in Care Homes Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings to record care outcomes to communicate back to General Practice, who can then put those data into the patients Digital Proactive Care Plan using the dPCP data entry template.  This document should be downloaded and used in care homes, and emailed to the practice.

  • Caring for Highest Risk Patients in COVID-19 Clinician FAQs

    Cancer and Palliative CareCardiovascular and LipidsEndocrine and DiabetesGastroenterologyHaematology, Pathology and InfectionRespiratory and SmokingWomen's and Sexual HealthNeurologyRenal, Urology and Men's Health
  • Child Healthy Weight Toolkit

    PaediatricsEndocrine and Diabetes

    The Healthy Weight Toolkit is produced by Public Health, Oxfordshire County Council

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