Covid-19 Pathway for Pregnant and Post Natal Women. local guideline or pathway

Pregnancy and the postnatal period (first 6 weeks) represents a time of increased risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) due to increased blood coagulability. COVID – 19 also increases the risk of coagulation and so women in pregnancy or the postnatal period may need to be put on anticoagulants for a period of time if they are COVID positive and they have other risk factors for VTE.

The maternity service has drawn up a COVID pathway for these patients. If GPs are notified that  a pregnant/postnatal woman is COVID positive they (or the patient) need to contact the Community Midwife team  so that a risk assessment can be made within 24 hours. If the patient is no longer under the Community midwives in the postnatal period, then the GP will need to email the COVID team at the OUHT with the patient details. The documents show the community pathway and the numbers for the community midwife teams.

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